2016 Holiday Tamale Sale Recap

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (February 7, 2017) - UDA's first Annual Holiday Tamale Sale was an overwhelming success! Players, parents and coaches from every team joined together to sell tamales across Salt Lake City. The initial goal was nearly tripled and when the final numbers came in, over 1,000 dozen tamales had been sold (thats over 12,000 tamales!!!). The Team Top Seller was UDA 07B White (Edson Moreno) which sold 65 dozen and the Individual Top Seller was Zach Baughman (UDA 03B Blue) who sold 24 dozen. For a full list of awardees see below.

Thank you to Rico Brand for their support. And a HUGE thank you to all our amazing volunteers that made this fundraiser possible.

 Team Top Sellers

  1. UDA 07B White - 65 dozen sold

  2. UDA 03B Blue - 56 dozen sold

Individual Top Sellers

  1. Zach Baughman

  2. Kaitlyn Marumoto

  3. Wytie Hardesty

  4. Everett Tueller

  5. Billy Pollard

  6. Cain Arellano

  7. Sinjin Steed

  8. Oscar Peche

  9. Liam Khor-Brogan

  10. Camden Markum